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empowering today’s leaders and teams
Team and Leadership training in a Flightsimulator




Lasting team performance improvement



The smart shortcut to lasting performance improvement.

The flying leadership method is a new training formula, combining team play, action and urgent problem solving using a flight simulator.

This unique and effective Team and Leadership training is designed for leaders and teams from all fields.

Conventional team and leadership training only activates rational parts of the brain, causing a momentary learning process. The flying Leadership method accesses both the intuitive and rational parts of the brain, making performance improvement deep and lasting.


Boost your grip on human interaction

Boost your understanding of human interaction in just one day.

Every human being posesses a set of reflex actions, a familiair and automatic reaction pattern, which we also call: ’the blueprint’.

Revealing the blueprint during this one day training creates the ideal environment to get deeper understanding about human interaction and performance.

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Flying Leadership Method



The purpose of the Flying Leadership Method is to offer the benefits of advanced aviational, psychological and academic medical training to today’s leaders and teams from all fields, making it possible to release the strongest teamwork potential.

Flying in the flight simulator is not just a thrilling experience but will also give you an exceptionally effective and pleasant learning event that will render a lasting improvement on your and your company’s performance.

During the training, you and your team will train cognitive skills such as decision making, situation awareness, leadership, communication, teamwork and self awareness by the principles of Crew Resource Management. In a full motion flightsimulator, you are being subjected to an urgent situation, requiring immediate action. During this training,  your brain will be provoked to react in your familiar and automatic reaction pattern, a reflex reaction, which we also call: ‘the blueprint’. Revealing the blueprint creates a deeper understanding about interaction patterns to further improve professional performance and teamwork. Our training method has an impact beyond the usual rational effect of communication courses. The program is designed to address both your intuitive, ultraquick brain as well as the rational parts of your brain, leading to a more profound and rich learning experience. The fact that the training is highly enjoyable only adds to the impact!

Flight Simulator

FLsim (1)


Throughout the trainingday you and your team will fly 4 hours in a real commercial ‘full motion’ flight simulator. During the flight you will be solving complex tasks requiring teamwork to safely land the aircraft.

Technical briefing: Incredible as it may sound, after the 1 hour instruction from the pilot, you will be able to fly the plane yourself. You and your team will take off, land and solve technical and operational problems during the flight.

Simulator: The certified full flight Embraer 190 simulator is being used worldwide by many airlines, among KLM. It is used to train and qualify pilots to safely fly passengers. You will feel no difference from flying a real plane; all movements, sounds en visuals will be equal to reality.

The Team

A combination of the best elements of aviational and academic medical training expertise

One day training course


While keeping a multimillion dollar plane in the air, you will solve complex teamwork challenges, while working in a dynamic, unfamiliar environment. During this assignment you can strenghten your team through a strong bonding experience, increase in depth insight about human performance and interaction under pressure, and experience how to mobilize your own leadership and communicative repertoire for excellent and lasting day to day results.

It will require a high level of concentration from all your team members to save the day. While doing so, you will be equipped with insight and tools you can use for day to day challenging situations. During this enjoyable day, you will get to know and understand each other and yourself better throughout the training. You and your team will learn about responding to situations from a strategic point of view, instead of reacting from a automatic reflex.



Customized Training



Next to our ready and set one day training course, we can customize a program for your team and leaders in all shapes and sizes. Teambuilding, personal coaching, off-sites, anything is possible.


Also consider different training themes, for example:

a) running effective meetings

b) getting the best out of every team member’s performance, by adressing and non-verbal behaviour in a fun and constructive way

c) identifying the unique quality in every team member and putting it to use

d) finding out what every team member needs to excel

e) increasing situational awareness and situational leadership styles, responding flexible and strategic

f) learning about feedback and feedforward skills


Together we will find the training objective most suited for your company, by:

1. Exploring the main focus of what needs to be achieved by the training

2. Trainingprogram: designing and delivering a program serving the company’s needs through well set training objectives

3. Transfer: one of our goals is equip the team with useful and immediately applicable knowledge and skills, so the training matter is transferred onto daily working life

4. Maintenance: there are several possibilities and forms to maintain and secure new effective skills

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