Customized Training



Next to our ready and set one day training course, we can customize a program for your team and leaders in all shapes and sizes. Teambuilding, personal coaching, off-sites, anything is possible.


Also consider different training themes, for example:

a) running effective meetings

b) getting the best out of every team member’s performance, by adressing and non-verbal behaviour in a fun and constructive way

c) identifying the unique quality in every team member and putting it to use

d) finding out what every team member needs to excel

e) increasing situational awareness and situational leadership styles, responding flexible and strategic

f) learning about feedback and feedforward skills


Together we will find the training objective most suited for your company, by:

1. Exploring the main focus of what needs to be achieved by the training

2. Trainingprogram: designing and delivering a program serving the company’s needs through well set training objectives

3. Transfer: one of our goals is equip the team with useful and immediately applicable knowledge and skills, so the training matter is transferred onto daily working life

4. Maintenance: there are several possibilities and forms to maintain and secure new effective skills