Flying Leadership Method



The purpose of the Flying Leadership Method is to offer the benefits of advanced aviational, psychological and academic medical training to today’s leaders and teams from all fields, making it possible to release the strongest teamwork potential.

Flying in the flight simulator is not just a thrilling experience but will also give you an exceptionally effective and pleasant learning event that will render a lasting improvement on your and your company’s performance.

During the training, you and your team will train cognitive skills such as decision making, situation awareness, leadership, communication, teamwork and self awareness by the principles of Crew Resource Management. In a full motion flightsimulator, you are being subjected to an urgent situation, requiring immediate action. During this training,  your brain will be provoked to react in your familiar and automatic reaction pattern, a reflex reaction, which we also call: ‘the blueprint’. Revealing the blueprint creates a deeper understanding about interaction patterns to further improve professional performance and teamwork. Our training method has an impact beyond the usual rational effect of communication courses. The program is designed to address both your intuitive, ultraquick brain as well as the rational parts of your brain, leading to a more profound and rich learning experience. The fact that the training is highly enjoyable only adds to the impact!