Pelle van der Lee

Pilot & Flight Instructor100% Complete

Pelle is a captain and flightinstructor at KLM. His flight experience reaches over 10,000 flighthours on various types of aircrafts such as Boeing 737, Airbus A300, Embraer 190 Boeing 777 and 787. He has been a commercial airline pilot for more then 20 years with a profound field of interest; human factors in crew interaction and problem analysis and synthesis. He is an experienced and renowned flightinstructor for KLM and responsible for training captains and co-pilots. Pelle has a bachelor degree in flight engineering and is the author of the thesis “Automation and human factors in the cockpit”. The research he conducted for this thesis has given him thorough knowledge of Crew Resource Management and human failures in the cockpit. In his job as trainer, he focuses on the interface between man and machine and the synergy within the crew, using advanced simulation techniques and behavioral insights.

Author: gerben